The OnlU business strategy: We recognize that we operate in an imperfect and at time dangerous digital environment.

Nothing we ever do will create a truly safe operating environment. Instead of constantly trying to patch this ever-leaking bucket, we must operate effectively in the real and dangerous digital universe; a universe in which every bit of data is subject to theft, passwords will continually be compromised and insider threats are likely to populate every sizeable enterprise.

We are continually threatened from outside and inside our operational space. Digital systems have no loyalty and work equally well for attackers as they do for the owners of the system. Because of this unassailable agnostic condition of digital systems there can be no operational employment of the concept of trust. Trust is something that can happen between people, but it has no place in an environment that can never embody loyalty.

We have to accept unfavorable operating conditions: the digital universe is not inherently safe, nothing we can do can change that. Therefore we must create rules of engagement that allow us to operate effectively in the environment as it is, not the environment we wish it were.
Accepting the imperfect and dangerous nature of the digital environment; an environment in which every bit of content has a high likelihood of being stolen and used by an attacker at some time what must our rules of engagement look like? First, we need to accommodate the reality that the attacker is at least as well equipped as we are and does not have to play be the rules that we do.

What can we do to at least level the playing field or obtain a tactical advantage on the digital battlefield? The conventional approach has been one of trying to keep the attacker out of the system. We’ve lost that battle. The attackers are in the system and have been for a long time. They own the system as much as we do.

What if instead of keeping the attacker out we could neutralize them? The OnliU approach to neutralize the ability of the attacker to use stolen credentials to gain access.

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