Think of a strong lock.

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Think of a strong lock.
In the digital world that strong lock is a complex password that you change every 90 days. It is a complex certificate with a certificate authority. It is a biometric password. It is out of wallet authentication (Question and Answer). It is a registered device. It is two-factor or multifactor authentication using any or all of these technologies in combination.
The problem with this approach is that the key to opening the strong lock using these technologies is that all of the information can be and is stolen. The information is likely all stored in a central location where all the keys can be stolen at once and the entire system is compromised.

Now think of a similar system with all the same technologies, but the lock changes every30 minutes and it has a key that can only be used by the legitimate user.

If a key falls into the hands of an attacker it will likely be for an older lock and not work and even if they manage to get the key before the lock changes only the legitimate user can insert it into the lock, not the attacker!

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