OnliU is an IAM system that largely operates in the background providing the strong security of a certificating authority, but with certificates that are dynamic and continually change. That means that if the certificates are compromised, as RSA certificates were, the entire system will be automatically refreshed within a predetermined time (default is 30 minutes).

OnliU maintains a robust, diverse and deep audit of login attempts and failures within the OnliU platform.

OnliU’s audit can be integrated with other system and network monitoring tools. When a breach is detected, whether it has an external origination using stolen credentials or from an inside threat, the entire system login protocol can be instantly changed and the attackers (external or internal) excluded.

Additionally and critically, any exfiltrated login credentials in the OnliU platform will be instantly changed.

The really big point here is that none of the users will have to change any of their passwords. The old visible passwords can remain the same. This is because the real security is provided by the robust OnliU authentication running in the background.

Instead of days or weeks to restore login security, it is only minutes and the attackers are identified and excluded. Any exfiltrated login credential is made useless.

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