For decades information ecosystem security has been built around shared secret static information in the form of passwords. In order to be effective passwords have to be complex and change frequently – making them difficult to use. Passwords and associated usernames are frequent primary targets of information system attacks because the stolen password enables the attacker easy entrance to secure systems.

The password on steroids is the certificate authority, which provides a means of managing a very complex password for better security. However, the security the certificate provides is the security of being so complex that it is virtually impossible to guess. However, it is no harder to steal than any other kind of password and when the Certificate Authority is breached as RSA was, the effect is devastating.

Passwords present an increasing vulnerability in today’s world of massive system breaches – including password management systems. After a major breach restoring password security is not only cumbersome, time consuming and expensive, but unlikely to fully restore the previous level of security.

OnliU makes the current concept of passwords obsolete and with it many of the vulnerabilities associated with passwords.
• With OnliU the stolen password is useless to the attacker.
• With OnliU restoration of login security takes only a few minutes instead of days, weeks or months.
• Login security restoration after a breach is complete and secure.

In fact, with the OnliU platform in place passwords can be totally eliminated and all that is required for the user is a unique username. The actual password is invisible to the user, provides the same level of security of today’s certificates with the addition of one-time use and uses a dynamic information approach instead of the static certificates of today. The OnliU certificate is constantly changing and even if stolen is of no use to the attacker.

The OnliU certificate has a shorter shelf-life than the time it would take the attacker to make use of it – thereby defeating the attacker who steals it!

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