Digital systems are kind of like banks. If you want a bank that can’t be robbed you build it without windows or doors. The problem with that design is that it also keeps the employees and customers out.

For a bank or a digital system to operate it must have doors. Doors have locks and locks have keys, but the keys are given to employees. In digital system user credentials are the keys. Both keys and credentials can be copied and/or stolen. If the person seeking entry (whether an employee or a bank robber) has a key they will get in. Sometimes they are already in, like embezzlers.

A very high percentage of system breaches are linked to insiders – either wittingly or negligently. These breaches don’t overcome the security in place, they utilize it to gain access. Even the most robust security technology, including two-factor authentication, can be utilized by an attacker with the right credentials.

The strongest authentication technologies are vulnerable to this common form of attack. Even biometric two-factor authentication has this fatal vulnerability. Before it can go from the bio (life) side of biometrics it must convert the analog information of a fingerprint or other feature to digital form where it is like all other digital information and subject to being stolen and perfectly duplicated for use by the attacker.

OnliU addresses this challenge with innovative architecture, patented technology and method that reinserts a bio (life) component that cannot be stolen or duplicated. OnliU combines this component with some of the most robust authentication technology and an architecture that defeats man-in-the-middle attacks – all conveniently at low cost in near real time.

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