Current Identity Access Management Systems are designed to operate in a perfect world – a world in which secrets are protected and data is not stolen. Those systems fail when the information they rest on is compromised. OnliU is designed and built to function in the real world in which all information either has been stolen or will be stolen.

OnliU – Identity Access Management for the Real World

Works on any device

OnliU is simple to integrate into existing log-in systems. It comes with an app that runs on every device on the planet.

Easy to use

Authentication via OnliU is an easy three-step process and it takes only a few seconds to use it.


OnliU provides a failsafe, protecting your organization from hackers or insider threads who have acquired perfect credentials.

OnliU has undergone scrutiny and certification by the UK Government (CESG) and is FIPS 150 compliant in the US.

Our Approach

OnliU begins with the inevitable assumption that an attacker will obtain trusted credentials, EFFECTIVELY BREACHING CURRENT TWO-FACTOR SYSTEMS.

The largest single vulnerability leading to a successful cyber-attack is an attacker with trusted credentials. You might not even notice that someone is using your credentials. You will be informed after the event. OnliU is different. Users are aware of the attempted breach before access is given. OnliU provides detailed attempted breach metrics and comprehensive audit and trend analysis. OnliU can actually put the identity thief out of business.

OnliU provides secure authentication - a one-time credential - by using true dynamic user and device authentication. Out-of-band authentication with the use of patented technology.

OnliU is not dependent on the failed strategy of keeping user names and passwords secret. OnliU provides secure login both before and after a data breach. We could even operate without a password.

OnliU defeats the attacker with perfect credentials by keeping the authorized holder of the credential in the authorization loop. Stolen credentials do not get him in.

Identity Access problems Today

Experian, T-Mobile, eBay, Apple, JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot, Target … are just a few of the thousands of organizations to suffer data breaches since 2005 (www.privacyrights.org).

What do these all have in common?

They all deploy some level of information security and they all have suffered major data breaches.

Credentials have been stolen -- and even second factor authentication tools has been compromised.

Cyber attacks per week

Increase 2010 to 2015 in %

Costs per successfull attack in USD


Why Partner with OnliU?


By integrating with OnliU, product developers give their customers a more secure identity and access management experience plus unparalleled access reporting. OnliU uses a modern, web-services-based architecture, which allows for rapid integration with legacy systems. OnliU can be deployed as a standalone technology or in conjunction with an existing IAM program.

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